Magnetic Mattress Buying Tips

It may sound bizarre to think that a magnetic mattress could help an arthritis or sciatica sufferer when all the medication in the world had no effect. However, many folks claim that they turned to electromagnetic therapy products as a last resort, which just so happened to work miraculously!
Some researchers report studies where as many as eighty percent of their test subjects found relief from electromagnetic waves, while others say it is just little more than a theory and cannot provide reliable long-term relief. For chronic disorders, magnets are worth looking into.

Best Magnetic Mattress Pad to Buy

You need to consider several factors when shopping around a magnetic type of mattress. The mattresses and magnetic mattress pads use magnetized strips embedded beneath a comfortable foam cover, with magnets of varying strength. The magnet strengths vary greatly, from one hundred to five thousand Gauss with the higher Gauss rating having the strongest magnets. Because the electromagnetic fields will be covered by comfortable material, you should plan to shell out the money for the higher force or your cash will be spent in vain.

You will want to make sure your mattress magnets are the right size and are plentiful enough to decrease pain. Look for one inch by quarter inch magnets in your magnetic mattress pad, rather than stacked eighth inch magnets, which may shift around. Latex foam surfaces covered by memory foam will offer the most comfortable night's sleep.

Some of the better-known brands in magnetic mattress products include:
  • Promagnet
  • Avon
  • BioFLEX
  • Therion

Do Magnetic Mattress Pads Work

Perhaps it is best to start out with smaller magnetic therapy products to see if they work on you. There are magnetic bangles, pillows, back braces and insoles, to name a few. The bed is a commonly sold product simply because we spend so much time there, that it makes for a sensible purchase. Magnetic mattress pad prices range anywhere from twenty to eight hundred dollars.

One of the main reasons why folks use magnetic mattress therapy is that it is safe for most, with no real side effects. The Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation did a study in 1999, which found that participants sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad every night over four months had no side effects at all. However, magnetic therapy products are still not recommended for those with pacemakers, folks with epilepsy, or women who are pregnant because of the limited studies that have been done on those sub-groups.